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About Club Crédit Plus - Prêt Auto

Welcome to Club CréditPlus, your personalized financing broker for the purchase of your new vehicle. Here you'll be introduced to bona fide experts in vehicle financing that are ranked among the best in Canada. For many years now our corporation has been accredited with a large network of financial institutions, which enables us to offer you a wide range of standard credit services as well as personalized financing. Club CréditPlus has the ability to offer you the best financing terms adapted to your particular financial profile. 

No matter what reasons were given for your refusals elsewhere, we guarantee that you will be able to obtain financing with us. We process and accept every single request for credit that we receive. Understand that our services are adapted to the real life needs of each individual. The institutions with which we work are well known and our relationships with them are very solid. 

With a large selection of vehicles available for immediate delivery in more than 125 dealers across the province, our commitment to offering personalized financing constitutes the basis of the reputation that Club CréditPlus has been able to forge over thousands of beneficial transactions with our growing client base and our diversified network of contacts. Always looking to better meet your individual financing needs, Club CréditPlus is the financing reference worthy of your trust.

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