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Learn more about your credit report with Club Crédit Plus in Mascouche near Laval and Terrebonne

When it comes to buying a new or second-hand vehicle, you often hear about your credit report, and it may well be something that comes to dampen your enthusiasm. In fact, in terms of car loans, dealers or second-hand cars’ salesmen will tell you that everything depends on your credit report.

At Club Credit Plus in Mascouche, near Laval, and throughout Quebec, we like to make things simple and our goal is to reassure you. Our car financing specialists not only have the auto loan solution for you, but they will take the time to explain simply to you what to remember from your credit report.

What Is A Credit Report?

Your credit report contains your most important banking and credit information. It also indicates whether you have been bankrupt (released or not), and it presents administrative and financial information about you that allow you to get a better picture of your financial situation.

In Quebec, credit bureaus have the right to create a credit report for you. You may hear about Equifax or TransUnion, which are the biggest institutions that manage individuals' credit files.

As a citizen, you have the right to consult your credit file and see the credit rating attached to it, but it’s also possible that you never have (or want) to consult your credit report. Be aware that companies, your landlord and financial institutions that provide you with payment facilities may have filed information in your credit report, which will affect your credit rating. It would probably be good to consult your report occasionally to get a sense of the information in your file.

Also, you can always request a review if an information in your credit report is false or inaccurate. Equifax and TransUnion, for example, review the credit records of individuals who request it in writing.

Did you have a difficult financial situation that has left you bankrupt? You should know that this information will be recorded in your credit report and will remain there for 6 or 7 years. Also keep in mind that payment defaults, breach of contract terms or repeated delays will affect your credit rating.

Can I get a car loan?

Now that you know the credit file better, let's talk business. Let’s say you went through a bad financial period. Whatever the reasons that caused this situation, you can buy a car now. It will be a good way for you to rebuild your credit and to walk toward better days.

At Club Credit Plus, we know our job well. Despite bad credit, we know that you are someone with needs and we are at your disposal to fulfill your desires. Thanks to our financial advice, our vast experience in the business world, our close ties with major financial institutions, we can realize your dreams.

You can finally get some luck with credit at Club Credit Plus. Your request will be 100% approved, it’s guaranteed. We offer the best interest rates for auto loans, everywhere in Quebec. Thanks to our in-house financing and our credibility with thousands of customers for so many years, we are able to offer you the best.

Club Credit Plus in Mascouche, near Laval and throughout Quebec, likes to keep things simple. Your credit report will not prevent you from accessing an auto loan from us. On the contrary, your needs will be met, we will help you find a very competitive interest rate and you will go home with the vehicle of your dreams. Come meet us and we will find for you the best in-house financing solution with our 2nd and 3rd chance’s credit programs. We are waiting for you!


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